• GC Dry Mouth Gel

Aids in relief of dry mouth symptoms and impaired production of saliva

Product Description
GC dry mouth gel pleasant tasting and forms a long lasting layer which protects the delicate oral tissues. Its an easy to apply clear transparent gel that comes in a handy 40g tube. Available in  Lemon, Raspberry, Fruit Salad, Orange & Mint Flavours.
Product Use
GC Dry Mouth Gel soothes the symptoms of oral dryness and helps buffer acid pH. Provides immediate relief from a very dry mouth induced by conditions such as Sjogrens syndrome, Radiation treatment and systemic lupus
How to Use
Express a generous amount of the gel from the tube onto a clean finger, and then smear the gel over the surfaces of the teeth and mouth tissues. This should be anytime during the day as required. When applied at night before bed it should be after normal tooth brushing.

Please read instructions on package carefully before use

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GC Dry Mouth Gel

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