• Tongue Cleaning  Arch

Product Description
Metal Arch for convenient scraping of tongue to remove tongue plaque and bacteria.
Product Use
Tongue Cleaning is clinically proven to be the single most effective way to reduce Bad Breath. The new natural way to take complete control of your bad breath.
How to Use
Cleaning your tongue should be done first thing in the morning, before drinking or eating. This maximises removal of any digestive toxins from the tongue. Hold the tongue scraper gently in both hands, and opening the mouth, place the curved part as far back on the tongue as is comfortable without gagging. Gently pull the scraper forward over the surface of the tongue to the tip of the tongue. Rinse any debris under running water and repeat the scraping action 4 or 5 times, ensuring the full surface of the tongue is covered. When finished, thoroughly rinse the tongue scraper under running water and hang to dry in your toothbrush holder. Replace scarper every 3- 5 months.

Please read instruction carefully on package before use.

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Tongue Cleaning Arch

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