Shopping Tips

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your shopping experience at dentalShop.

DentalShop is dedicated to providing high quality oral and dental care products at exceptional value direct to the public. You will find almost every dental and oral care product you will need in our shop.

•  Buy in bulk. To get the best value from DentalShop, you should consider buying in bulk (several units of the same item and/or several different items per order). This is because the more you buy the less you pay per item on shipping and freight. Consider buying in bulk to share the cost savings with your friends and family.

•  Know what you want? If you know what you are looking for, simply click our “Go Shopping” icon to browse our catalogue.

•  Want some advice? If you know what condition you want to treat or manage but need some information or advice,  email us at 

•  More features and benefits. DentalShop has many other facilities to help you care for your oral and dental health. Please refer to our features and benefits table below.

dentalShop features

Benefits to you

Specialise in oral and dental care.

•  Comprehensive range of oral and dental care products in one place to cater for most of your oral and dental care needs.

•  We will help you find the product you are after if you cannot get it from any other source.

Easy to understand dental and oral care information.

•  Helps you understand the basics of good oral and dental healthcare so that you can best care for your own oral and dental health.

•  Helps you find most appropriate oral and dental care products for your condition or need.

E-mail access to registered dentists.

•  Personalised advice and assistance available if necessary.

Discounted prices.

•  Affordable quality dental and oral care products at excellent value.

•  Buy in bulk and save on postage and freight

On-line access.

•  DentalShop is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so you can shop at anytime at your convenience.

Delivery anywhere within Australia, 

•  No need to worry about carrying your shopping home, we will deliver your shopping to your doorstep as nominated by you.

Secure payment method

•  Pay with confidence through Paypal. This assures that your financial details are safeguarded and remain completely confidential.


Bargain Bazaar.

•  We regularly offer highly discounted products to help you save even more on your oral and dental care needs.

Tell a friend facility.

•  Helps you share the benefits of DentalShop with your family and friends

Newsletters/specials update by e-mail.

•  We will keep you informed via free e-mail of our monthly specials, new products and good dental and oral health tips.

Search facility.

•  Helps you find a product or information about dental and oral health just by typing in a few search words.

Various shipping options.

•  Gives you the choice of a range of delivery options from parcel post or express postge.

Dentist owned and operated.

•  Your assurance that we will only supply high quality oral and dental care products.

Warning and Disclaimer

Information and advice provided in DentalShop is intended to help you understand and care for your oral and dental health. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that all information is accurate, it must not be treated as a substitute for qualified medical or dental advice. The same symptoms can have many different causes, so if you are unsure about your condition, you should consult a qualified medical or dental practitioner for an examination to confirm any self diagnosis and rule out other causes.

DentalShop cannot be held responsible for any loss or claim arising out of the use or misuse of the information provided or failure to take medical or dental advice.

We encourage you to have regular oral and dental health checks with your medical or dental practitioner.